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What is ITN?

In The Number is a brand that helps you express what’s on your mind, on your heart, and in your soul.

In The Number is a movement built on the principles derived from the teachings in the bible, camouflaged in a venue to reach the masses and bring about immense change. In the number is an invitation to shift our focus for the trials of the world and begin to emulate the life, God has given us. We can begin to live with strong principles and practices that will be reflected – In The Number.

In The Number welcomes individuals to embrace and adopt the message of the movement. This is an opportunity to take back our strength, our peace, our unity, our power, our direction, and our world. In the Number is a path of expression for the pursuit of dedicating and devoting our lives and lifestyles to God.

Numbers are a part of our everyday life. Our social security number, office number, house number, and of course our cell phone number are all important numbers. However, being In The Number is the most important number of all. It is the number that brings us back to life we were destined to have with strength, unity, power, belonging, and refuge. It‟s time to be counted In The Number, this is not about a fad or a trend, it is about reclaiming our destiny, not as one but In The Number.