Promise 51

Our commitment to supporting meaningful change begins with Promise51 – our pledge to invest 51% of net profits from the sale of branded apparel in people and organizations working within the areas of education, disaster relief, health and human rights.


ITN partners with groups and programs that create learning opportunities for those who have little or no access to a quality education.

Disaster Relief

ITN funds organizations that provide support and resources to people and areas impacted by natural disasters across the globe.


ITN invests in medical research, treatment and prevention to halt the spread of disease and the control of those we cannot yet eradicate.

Human Rights

ITN supports important social justice initiatives and the work of organizations that fight to defend human rights at home and around the world.


Gerry Hammond

Founder and CEO

From first learning to swing, to achieving college scholarships and professional excellence, award-winning PGA Pro, visionary and change agent Gerry Hammond has been a beloved coach and mentor to hundreds of young people. For over 25 years, he’s used golf as a tool to teach integrity, discipline, academic excellence, teamwork and service. After years of hosting Nike golf camps, establishing programs and trainings for young athletes, and raising more than $8M for junior golf, Gerry never imagined that his golf career would add up to an even higher calling, until one night…